About Us

Started with two individuals (An Inspiring & supportive   Father and a determined & Creative son), who wanted to make something big. They had their own share of experience in clothing, on how market is trending and how can they capitalize and make sure that their joint efforts can create a revolution in designs and bring a pack of clothing line which is affordable to each and every single individual. This didn’t end here, during the making, they went on to make sure that they even cater those categories of customers whom others are skeptical about selling. The Special Sized people, All Sizes. They together had a vision of keeping all the sizes from the lowest to the highest together and sell them online. Since they have been catering customers online thru various marketplaces, due to many stringent things, they couldn’t achieve their dream of affordable clothing line. Thus came the idea of having our own website. Unsure of how customers would react to their products, we started our brand on the famous marketplaces and after a reputed recognition of appreciating customers; our website is now open for everyone.

We believe in anything and everything that’s simple and clear to wear. We always want our users to feel comfortable and stylish in our apparels.  Our designs would always come from feedbacks and suggestions even from the last person who is directly or indirectly involved in our brand.  However, it’s not only about saying it or writing it down to show it to others but making it possible and live is our goal.

So, we welcome each and every individual to share their ideas and feedback to get more products that could be relevant and interesting.  It can be anything, right from your lazy quotes to your swaggy lines, “Yahan Sab Kuch Challta Hai “.

Last But Not the least, buying our product is not the last thing we want from you or you should feel it is. We would like to make it an experience you have which you could always feel excited about. We also make sure that Quality of our product is at the highest level to make it an Ultimate Shopping experience.  We just want to make sure that our products give you that extra confidence is bringing out your swag.